If you are interested in SDGs, or enjoy meeting peers from around the world and sorting out challenges in an online classroom setting, these courses are just RIGHT for you!

The 2022 Shanghai Jiao Tong University United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) July Camp(June 20-July 15) has a variety of 10 courses to choose from. Each course focuses on one or more SDG(s).

By participating in a course, you will learn more about pressing problems in the world and formulate possible solutions to them. Through student-oriented learning, you can apply your interests and deepen your knowledge through group discussions and dialogue. The courses are not only interdisciplinary, but encompass a multicultural perspective.

The program will strengthen your adaptive capabilities and resilience. Throughout the course, you can develop your international cooperation skills and global competence.

Course Components

Most courses include components like lectures, group discussions, tutorials and will be taught online or in a blended format.

Through group collaboration and synchronous interaction, you will work with peers from around the world in one online classroom.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive an official transcript and an e-certificate issued by Shanghai JiaoTong University.

Who can apply?

Check with your study abroad advisor if your university has an existing partnership with SJTU, or if your institution is a member of the following networks: Universitas 21 (U21),  Association of Pacific Rim Universitites (APRU), Global MOOC and Online Education Alliance (GMA), or The Belt & Road Science and Innovation Network (BRSIN). If so, you are welcome to join the SDG July Camp for free. Please note that places are limited for each course. You will be notified of your admission decision by the end of May.

What to expect?

Once you receive a letter of acceptance, you are welcome to join the online collaboration space with peers from around the world. Please be aware that we will be using the application "Lark", through which events such as ice-breakers and virtual coffee breaks will be held before the course officially starts. The coursework will be delivered through Lark as well.

You are expected to work in groups of 5 or 6 in discussions and projects with students from different cultural backgrounds. At the end of the camp, there will be a closing ceremony, where students will be invited to reflect and highlight their experience at the camp.

You are likely to meet and work with interesting people, make friends and expand your worldview. Have fun!

Apply Now

Apply before: May 15th, 2022

Course Overview

  Course Code Course Title Credits First Day of Class Last Day of Class
1 PJ177 Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities 2 04-Jul-2022 24-Jul-2022
2 PJ178 Economy, Development and Security in the Belt and Road Initiative: Between Relational and Rules-based Governance 1 01-Jul-2022 08-Jul-2022
3 PJ179 Internet Law and Ethics 2 21-Jun-2022 05-Jul-2022
4 PJ180 War and Peace 2 20-Jun-2022 06-Jul-2022
5 PJ181 Poverty and Mental Health 2 20-Jun-2022 06-Jul-2022
6 PJ182 Philanthropy Development 2 20-Jun-2022 15-Jul-2022
7 PJ183 Malaria Control -- the Millennium Struggle between Human Beings and Infectious Diseases 1 04-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022
8 PJ184 The Urban Management for Port Cities in the 19th and 20th Centuries 2 20-Jun-2022 07-Jul-2022
9 PJ186 Traditional Medicine and UN sustainable Development Goals 1 22-Jun-2022 06-Jul-2022
10 PJ187 Net Zero-Carbon Fuels 2 20-Jun-2022 07-Jul-2022

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