International Center

The Cultural Exchange Center was first slated for establishment in 2018, with its development and construction in the hands of the Office for Overseas Student Affairs. It was put to use at the end of 2020, with a floor space of 1363.79 sq m. The Culture Exchange Center is built to serve as a multicultural SJTU community that integrates daily services, academic studies and extracurricular activities by drawing on information and resources in and outside SJTU.

One-stop Service Center
It will provide international students and scholars with business consulting and handling services and study abroad consulting services.
Student Society Center
It functions as a space for student societies at SJTU to communicate and handle office work and as a venue for cultural events.
Scholar Hub
It provides a platform for mutual exchanges of ideas between scholars at SJTU, thus helping foreign experts to acclimatize.
Chinese Culture Center
It is built to hold a variety of Chinese culture-related activities that would give visitors hands-, ears-, noses- and eyes-on experiences of the glamorous Chinese culture.
Multifunctional Hall
Advanced conference-supporting paraphernalia is available here for international conferences, exhibitions and cross-cultural activities.
All-encompassing Library
It is an open-access library that houses a colossal amount of books on the cultures and histories of countries around the globe. It not only provides a large space for lectures, but also serves as a recreation center that allows teachers and students to read alone or socialize over a cup of soft drink.