Semester Exchange

1. Introduction of Exchange Programs

Semester Exchange Program (which is offered in spring and fall semester) only accept international students from partner universities and students should be nominated by the program coordinator of the home university. 

Please check with your home university to see if it has any student exchange program agreement with SJTU. If yes, you may choose to attend all courses at SJTU except for restrictions stated in the agreement.

2. Application of Exchange Programs

a) Application procedures for the Normal Exchange Program:

Program coordinator from partner universities will nominate students in the nomination system. Nominees will receive an application link through which they can complete the online applications.

Soft reminder:

Please do not use Gmail & Hotmail as your nomination and sign-in email.

IE and Chrome are recommenced for online application.

b) Necessary Documents for Online Application:

Copy of information page of your valid passport

Official transcripts

Recommendation from the student’s Home University

CV/resume of the applicant

An ID photo (28 mm×22 mm)

c) Application Deadline:

Fall semester: April 15

Spring semester: November 15

3. Study at SJTU 

a) Academic Year Schedule:

Spring Semester: February to June

Summer Session: July

Autumn Semester: September to January

Summer break: Begins from August and usually lasts for six weeks.

Winter break: Follows the schedule of Chinese New Year, which varies from year to year. Usually lasts about six weeks.

b) Registration at University:

i. University Level Registration:

Register at the International Mobility Office at SJTU with your original Admission Notice, Visa Application for study in China (JW202 form) and passport.



Tel: +86-21- 34205135

Address: B 809 New Administration Building, 800 Dongchuan Rd. Shanghai 200240, China

ii. School Level Registration:

Register at the school (or college) where you will study during the exchange term at SJTU. The school (or college) will provide detailed academic information including course schedule and course selection.

c) Registration Date:

Exchange students should register at the time specified in the Admission Notice issued by SJTU.

d) Late Registration:

Students who will be late for registrations must notify the coordinator of home university at first and seek permission from SJTU secondly. If students fail to notify on time and get approval from SJTU, it will be regarded as spontaneous abandonment of study at SJTU.

e) Course Selection:

Exchange students only can choose the courses according him/her level. School of Medicine and MBA/IMBA/EMBA/MIB programs of Antai College are not open to exchange students.

Undergraduate English - taught course website:

Postgraduate English- taught course website:*default/

Whether those courses listed in the data base are available or not, please contact the relevant college/department coordinator at SJTU.

f) Free Chinese Course:

All the incoming exchange students will have the opportunity to take Free Chinese language courses at the beginners’ level.

Students should choose this course at the first 2 weeks of new semester from website of


The Chinese course has 6 levels, namely Beginner Level (1), Beginner Level (2), Intermediate Level (1), Intermediate Level (2), Advanced Level (1) and Advanced Level (2). Students who have never learned Chinese before or have learned but the cumulative learning period is shorter than 3 months are not need to take the placement test, these students can enrolled in the beginner level (1) of Chinese course during the course selection time if you want.

g) Extend or Shorten Exchange Study Duration:

Please consider thoughtfully about the change of study duration, then seek the permission from home university at first. After reviewed by your home university and the relevant school/college at SJTU, please hand your application form to Student Mobility Office.

If your request is approved, then your study duration will be extended or shortened. If there is no very special reason, your request will not be considered.

4. Useful Information for Exchange Students