Online Workshops

Regular online exchanges are arranged for SJTU management personnel and their counterparts in foreign universities in such areas as students’ mental health, asset management, faculty recruitment, and general courses). On the one hand, the program enables SJTU management personnel to learn and then apply the advanced management experience of foreign universities and propose new measures to improve the management efficiency and align all SJTU departments with international standards; on the other hand, it helps to promote the best management experience and practices of SJTU among foreign universities and share the characteristics of governance of Chinese universities/colleges to increase SJTU’s international influence. The online workshop is composed of five parts:

Topic Collection:

At the end of each semester, the International Affairs Division solicits opinions of relevant management departments on what to cover in exchanges with overseas partners the next semester. Then the IAD will act accordingly to reach out to proper partners, and makes arrangements for online workshops.


Participants make preparations on the Internet for what they expect to learn from foreign universities or to share with them.

Online Exchanges:

There are two types of exchangesfor different topics. One is one-off dialogue, where participants have a thorough discussion or experience sharing through a single online exchange; the other is multiple rounds of dialogues, which include two or three online exchanges for wide-ranging discussion. The International Affairs Division organizes such exchanges between SJTU departments and foreign universities/colleges. And after the first successful exchange, the departments can keep in touch with their counterparts on their own. There would be little change in the participants in each workshop. Every workshop lasts about 2.5-3 hours and requires several panels to separately or concurrently discuss the given topic (30-40min for each panel). The International Affairs Division will provide interpretation whenever necessary.


Each participant shall submit a research report or a proposal on innovation as due part of the training at its end. Every entry from trainees on what has been learned through the workshops or their report on field research in overseas universities will be allowed to appear on the official website of the International Affairs Division or its WeChat public account “Global SJTU”.


The International Affairs Division will interview each department at irregular intervals to evaluate how effectiveeach workshop has been. As successful online exchanges will lay a sound foundation for further targeted study abroad programs, outstanding management personnel would have priority to visitthe foreign universities they have got in touch with online.