Inter-Culture Competence Training

A range of lectures and salons are held to build global competence of SJTU management personnel in terms of vision, knowledge, skills, culture, work, and hands-on experience. Specified in the Enhancement Plan , 6 training modules are expected, with the details as follows:

Broader Perspective    

Topics: domestic and international situations; strategies, tactics, meanings, motivations, objectives, indicators, models, opportunities, and challenges in regard to the international development of world-class universities/colleges; interpretations of the global SJTU strategy.

Knowledge Acquisition    

Topics: analysis of the rankings of world-class universities/colleges; studies on international higher education by country; studies on international student adaptation during their stay in China and evaluation on their education; assessment on international projects; and evaluation on the influence of Chinese universities/colleges overseas.

Skill Development     

Topics cover foreign languages competency, cross-cultural communication, international paper retrieval, English news writing, and effective expression in the global community on international.

Professional Training

Topics cover international organizations and their internship policies, procedures for holding international conferences, border exit and entry formalities, and interpretation on policies of international visits and on international students’ study in China.

Field Research

Topics cover field research and inspection, through which to broaden participants’ experience in building a world-class university. You can find substantial input from New York University Shanghai, Zhejiang University (Haining Campus), China-Europe International Business School, UM-SJTU Joint Institute, SPEIT, and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

Cultural Immersion

Topics include introduction to cultures in different countries (such as those along the “Belt and Road” the United States, and major countries in Europe), campus cultures of SJTU partners, and overview of cultural differences and conflicts.