Enhancing administrative staff's international ability: Shanghai Jiao Tong University and The University of Sydney Online Workshops

International Affairs Division 2021-07-20 64

To promote better understanding, communication, and sharing of experiences with partner universities overseas, from June to July 2021, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and The University of Sydney jointly held a series of workshops for professional administrative staff. The topics are strategic planning, university ranking, international student enrolment, student exchange, teaching reform, university culture, cross-cultural ability training, etc.


Holding a series of workshops for administrative staff with universities overseas is an important part of the "enhancing administrative staff's international ability plan," This event stemmed from the needs of the administrative work because due to the pandemic, it is difficult to carry out face-to-face communication. Still, there is an urgent need to better understand the practices of the top universities overseas. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has conducted three online meetings with The University of Sydney so far.  


Guo Liang, deputy director of the international affairs division, said that this series of workshops between the University and its overseas strategic partners is beneficial for communicating and an opportunity to learn from each other. The in-depth, sincere, and targeted professional communication and exchange between the administrative staff members of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and The University of Sydney has effectively broadened the horizons of both sides, deepened their understanding of each other's school culture and management measures, and established an example for further exchanges and exploration with more partner universities on more topics in the future.


In the workshops, the strategic planning and management departments of the two universities shared their views on the universities' scientific research ranking system, the formulation of the general school plans, and how to track and implement the basic ideas and specific measures of the University global strategic development. The student affairs departments of the two schools shared their key objectives and action plans of their student exchange projects, student enterprise and work experience programs, and curriculum reform plans. Other relevant departments of the two universities also explored and exchanged ideas on the strategies and evaluation of university culture, human resource management, international student enrolment strategies, strategies and practices of cultivating teachers' and students' cross-cultural communication ability.



"Enhancing administrative staff's international ability" is one of the most important tasks of the international affairs division this year. Shanghai Jiao Tong University put forward the task to build a "Global SJTU" strategic system to promote the overall strength of running a school. The key to achieving this grand goal is to enhance the ability of the administrative team to work internationally. To build a school that is a first-class university with the world's leading ideology, ability, level, and comprehensive strength, we need to urgently establish a high-quality management and administrative team that is familiar with international educational practices and laws, is aware of the domestic and international situations, understands the international policy of the University, and can communicate and cooperate internationally. 



Xu Xuemin, vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said that in future internationalization projects, the University would further adhere to the principle of "active guidance, mutual understanding, and knowledge sharing"; integrate internationalization initiatives into the comprehensive and innovative development of the whole University, and integrate multicultural and global awareness into the development of teachers and students. Incorporating the "five strategies" of the future development of the school into the top-level design of internationalization will give birth to new internationalization content of the University in the new era.