Shanghai Jiao Tong University-with Hebrew University of Jerusalem seed fund

Call for Proposals 2020
Shanghai Jiao Tong University – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Joint Seed Funding Scheme in Covid-19 

Purpose of the Scheme

Under the framework of a strategic partnership, the aim of this joint seed funding program is to promote collaboration between Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) in the broad area of combatting the coronavirus. We are keen to develop research projects focusing on the prevention, diagnostics, treatment and/or (medical or non-medical) consequences of COVID-19. The funding shall enable SJTU and HUJI faculty and researchers to identify complementary strengths, facilitate the use of synergies, and promote the development of outstanding future collaborative projects.


Fields of research


Targeted Activities

This call is open to researchers in all relevant fields.


The joint funding scheme

aims at supporting the first steps of collaboration. The following formats are possible:

  • Supervision of a joint PhD student;
  • Exchange of PhD-students, post-docs;
  • Intensive or virtual research workshops;
  • Short research stays (for young and established researchers) or video conference;
  • Complementary distance research that can lead to an outcome even without a physical meeting (which will be a condition upon a change in travel limitations).


The joint seed fund operates with a total annual budget of $140,000 (approximately RMB980,000), with $70,000 (approximately RMB490,000) from each side.

Up to 10 Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of $20,000/RMB140,000 ($10,000/ RMB70,000 support for each partner) for up to three years.


Proposals must be jointly submitted by faculty of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Participants should ideally include both senior and junior faculty/researchers of SJTU and HUJI. At HUJI, applicants must be faculty members; at SJTU, applicants must be employed on a full-time basis.

 The supported activities should have a clearly defined focus and serve as a catalyst for the development of new joint projects. The activities can take place in Shanghai or in Jerusalem; inclusion of third parties is possible, however, the additional costs must be covered by these partners themselves.

 The motivation for holding the activity should be clearly explained, including how the relevant SJTU and HUJI institutes or departments are involved and can profit long term from this cooperation and what synergies can arise. 

The application will include the following:

  • Project description
  • Timeframe
  • Relevance of the project towards the criteria mentioned above
  • Detailed budget calculation
  • CVs for the SJTU/HUJI investigators (all listed on the project team)

The length of the application should typically be 5 - 7 pages.


Proposals for the SJTU-HUJI seed funding scheme should be jointly submitted by SJTU and HUJI faculty, using the joint online platform at SJTU. Please note that this hyperlink can only be accessed by PIs from SJTU using their jAccount. For more details, please click here 

Deadline for submission of Joint proposals: 15 May 2020.

Selection criteria

Seed funding for joint activities will be provided on a competitive basis, following the criteria below:

  • Scientific or technological or medical merit in the context of COVID-19;
  • Ability to perform the plan and to achieve its goals;
  • Evaluation of the necessity of the collaboration for achieving its goal and its complimentary nature.

The projects will be reviewed by expert reviewers at each institution and then a consensus meeting will be held to review and select the projects for funding. The SJTU-HUJI selection committee with be headed by:

  • SJTU: Vice-President for International, Prof. Lisa XU
  • HUJI: Vice-President for Research, Prof. Re'em Sari and/or Vice-President for Internationalization, Prof. Oron Shagrir

Results will be communicated by beginning of June 2020; the proposed activities should commence from July 1.


For further information, please contact:

SJTU: Yanping WU  (, 86-21-34206751)

HUJI: Alma Lessing (