Joint Institutes & Programs

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has an impressive record track of developing international joint programmes. To better leverage a wealth of international high-quality educational resources and draw upon the most cutting-edge teaching and management practices, SJTU has been exploring effective ways to develop in students the ability to think creatively and deliver better access to  global education resources by actively forging global partnerships and encouraging academic and research collaborations with international top-notched universities and instituitions. In this way, SJTU is in a better position to provide a breeding ground for innovative global leaders of tomorrow.  

At SJTU, all schools are fully motivated to play their key roles in the pursuit of a vibrant international reputation. They are unwaveringly supported to engage with world-class university partners and explore multifacted ways to work in close collaborations with numerous leading institutions worldwide to offer dual degree/jointly supervised programs. We have made stellar achievements in pooling global resources to pursue educational excellence, which is demonstrated in our recent efforts to advance a multifaceted approach to our full range of productive and exemplary international joint program offerings, including three   joint institutes and eight joint programs approved by China’s Ministry of Education.

Joint Institutes

Joint Programs

The UBC International MBA Program
The UBC International MBA Program was launched in 2002 by the Antai College of Economics and Management at SJTU in partnership with UBC Sauder School of Business, one of the top business schools in North America. Graduates will receive an International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) degree from UBC, one of the  world’s top 30 universities.  Each year will see 50 students are enrolled in the program. Link:
SJTU - University of Ottawa Undergraduate Medical Education Program
With the approval of China’s Ministry of Education Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, jointly with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine (UO, FoM), launched the 5-year undergraduate program in 2015. It represents part of SJTU’s efforts to support the comprehensive education reform in Shanghai, which underlines the importance of advancing the approach to growing innovative professionals with global exposure and setting up a new model of how international joint medical education program should be developed. The program enrolls 60 students annually.  Link:
The KEDGE-SJTU Global MBA Program
In 2003, the SJTU-KEDGE Global MBA Program was offered by the Antai College of Economics and Management at SJTU in partnership with KEDGE business School, one of the top-notch French business schools founded in 1872. Graduates will receive an Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from KEDGE Business School. Each year, 50 students are enrolled in the program. Link:
SJTU-MAI Master Program in Aerospace Engineering
Accredited by China’s Ministry of Education in 2019, this 2.5-year program is designed to grow professionals with global outlook, who have profound knowledge of aerospace engineering and are capable of navigating real-world challenges in China and countries along the Silk and Road. This international joint program enrolls 40 students each year in total, from China and Russia.   Qualified graduates will be awarded with a dual master’s degree from both SJTU and the Moscow Aviation Institute. Link:
NUS-SJTU MSc in Quantitative Finance
The program was jointly offered by SJTU and the National University of Singapore in 2018, poolingpremier research and faculty resources  from the two top universities in the fields of quantitative finance, financial mathematics, statistics, and data science. It is aimed at growinghigh-calibre professionals with international outlook, who have in-depth knowledge in quantitative finance and are also capable of tackling practical issues of the financial industry in China.  Master in Quantitative Finance degree will be awarded by NUS. Each year 30 students are enrolled in the program. Link:
The SJTU-NTU MBA Program was offered by the Antai College of Economics and Management at SJTU in partnership with Nanyang Business School in  2002. Qualified graduates are awarded an MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University.  This 50-student program is distinguished by the global mobile classroom and its diverse range of international, rigorous and innovative courses. Link:
SJTU - UoM Doctoral Management Program
SJTU - UoM Doctoral Management Program was jointed launched by SJTU and  the University of Manchester in 2012to produce high-calibre leaders who pursue academic rigor.  Each year, 25 students are enrolled in the program (the admission expired in 2018). Qualified graduates were awarded a DBA degree from the University of Manchester. Link:
SJTU - University of Strasbourg Doctoral Medical Education Program
In September 2013, the 8-year program was accredited by China’s Ministry of Education as the country’s first international joint doctoral medical program30 students are enrolled in the program each year.  Based on advanced French pedagogy, the program takes an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to growing talents equipped with a wide spectrum of basic knowledge, solid clinical competence, global outlook and consummate research skills. Link: