University leaders met with a delegation from Macau University of Science and Technology

International Affairs Division 2024-02-05 35

On the afternoon of 31st January, SJTU President Ding Kui Ling met with the visiting President of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) Li Xingwei, Vice President Jiang Zhihong, Vice President Kwong Yinghua, Associate Vice President Zhu Yiqian, Senior Advisor to the President Lin Zhijun, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts Zhang Zhiqing, Chair Professor of the Faculty of Innovation and Engineering Li Zongjin, and President's Office Chen Jinghui and other delegations at the University's Minhang Campus. SJTU Vice President Xu Xuemin accompanied the delegation to the meeting.


Ding Quiling introduced the basic situation of our university in terms of science and technology innovation, discipline development, talent attraction and internationalisation. He hoped that the two universities could focus on a few specialised areas and continue to carry out practical co-operation in accordance with the characteristics of their respective strategic development.

Li Xingwei introduced the history, development and future vision of MUST. He hoped that the two universities would actively carry out cooperation and exchanges based on the advantages of regional development. 


After the meeting, the delegation of Macau University of Science and Technology visited our University History Museum to learn more about the development of our university.