Director Zhang Jie's Collaborative Visits to Danish and Swedish Research Institutions

International Affairs Division 2023-09-25 714

From September 4th to 7th, Academician Zhang Jie, Director of the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI), led a delegation to the Niels Bohr Institute(NBI) in Denmark, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics(Nordita) in Sweden, and the Institute for Solar Physics(ISP) at Stockholm University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology(KTH) in Sweden. The mission aimed to bolster global collaborations among leading fundamental research institutions. Accompanying Director Zhang were Professor Liu Jianglai, Deputy Director of TDLI, and Assistants to Directors Li Sheng and Li Shushu, among others.

Image: Director Zhang Jie and NBI Director Joachim Mathiesen

At the Niels Bohr Institute, Zhang Jie and the delegation met with Director Joachim Mathiesen. Discussions covered the institute's history, research priorities, funding, personnel, and development opportunities. Prospects for future collaborations, including student and scholar exchanges, were explored.

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Image: Nordita Director Niels Ober and Director Zhang Jie

In Sweden, at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics(Nordita), Zhang Jie's delegation engaged with Director Niels Ober, Professor Antti Niemi, Professor Konstantin Zaremb and other. Both sides reached a preliminary consensus on expanding cooperation, particularly in student exchanges, postdoctoral programs, and jointly organized academic events.

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Image: ISP Director Jorrit Leenaarts and Director Zhang Jie in the meeting

On September 7th, The delegation visited the Institute for Solar Physics(ISP) at Stockholm University. Discussions with Director Jorrit Leenaarts encompassed the management of large-scale scientific facilities, team dynamics, personnel systems, and management. Valuable insights were shared to support TDLI's vanguard observation bases.

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Image: Director Zhang Jie and KTH Vice President Mikael Johansson

In the afternoon, Zhang Jie and the others visited the KTH Royal Institute of Technology(KTH). Meetings with Vice President Mikael Johansson, Vice President for International Relations Stefan Östlund, Professor Ramon Alexander Wyss, Professor Egor Babaev, and others provided an overview of KTH's history, personnel, disciplines, educational profile, international network, and collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Deep discussions also explored academic exchanges and cooperation in nuclear and condensed matter physics.

Director Zhang's visits have solidified connections with top research institutions in Denmark and Sweden, setting the stage for deeper collaboration across various domains. Aligned with TDLI's 2023 vision, the institute remains committed to an inclusive, open, and international academic environment. It aims to provide broader domestic and international platforms for talent across all levels and fields. The research focus persists on unraveling the fundamental scientific questions surrounding matter states in extreme cosmic environments.