Wu Yifan

I have a really long summer vacation this time, so I decided to do something meaningful rather than just staying at home. As a result, I applied for the summer research internship in the Shanghai JiaoTong University, and was admitted by the neuroscience and neuroengineering laboratory.

My project is to research whether transcranial ultrasound (TUS) has effect on curing depression. We use rats as models to do the research. There, I have the chance to do the experiments I have never done before, and learn the technics I haven’t practiced before. We did some behaviour tests, such as sucrose preference tests, open field tests, forced swimming tests, light-dark box tests and elevated plus maze tests. I also learnt to dissect the rats and get the hippocampus of them. Although we haven’t gotten the final results yet, I still learnt many new knowledges. During this period, we also had a chance to visit the sixth people’s hospital learnt about nuclear medicals and the devices applied in it.

I really enjoyed the life in Shanghai, for there are good food and new friends. I knew a few new friends from the US and India, and it would be a different experience and good memory in my life.