Zachary Klesch

My summer research internship at SJTU was an unforgettable experience, pertaining to both my lab work and my cultural experience here in China. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a great professor who helped me find a suitable project and provided enough guidance to make my research and development go smoothly. He let me have almost complete independence in my research as I worked alongside other students in my program as well as graduate level students, all of whom were helpful and friendly. Aside from my work, I found SJTU to be a great place to meet new friends both from China and internationally. My dormitory was full of foreign students just like me who were more than willing to give me help whenever I needed it and could give me the lay of the land when it came to Minhang campus and downtown Shanghai. During my time here I also took advantage of the opportunity I was given and traveled around China to go see famous attractions like the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Yellow Mountains, and the Terracotta Warriors, just to name a few. Being here gave me a new perspective of the world and has ensured that I will one-day return to China. I am extremely appreciative to everyone here at SJTU for setting up this program and allowing me the opportunity to do research while here in such an amazing country.