China Studies: Chinese characters, History and Culture along the Silk and Jade Road.


Amazing, informative and beautiful are all words that could cumulatively not be enough to describe the wonderful experience I had learning about Chinese characters, History and culture as well as about the trade history of the ancient Silk and Jade roads.


From seeing Xi'an and Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army to traveling to the "Mother river" and over it with a cable car, even watching the sunrise on camel back in a dessert to exploring the modern city of Shanghai. It is all breathtaking!


It was very interesting learning from each different lecturer. Informative museum trips with Proffessor Wang to interesting calligraphy explorations with Dr Liu. Proffessor Zhang's history lecture on the Silk Road and Proffessor Liu's teachings all through the trip.


Jingjing's amazing coordination and safety checks of our passports will also never be forgotten along with always being happy with Rose and her awesome pictures. Being welcomed by all and our volunteers, Alan and Lily.


All in all a very successful program with many thanks from a grateful student


Aldune Campher