Shanghai Jiao Tong University SDG July Camp 2023 Call for Course Proposals

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Project Background:

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the international higher education landscape around the world has been reshaped. It has gone beyond cross-border education, typically characterized by people’s mobility. Nowadays, collaborative online international learning provides a broad space for "internationalization at home". To enrich the students' international learning experience, our university launched its first SJTU SDG July Camp in 2022, an interdisciplinary and international summer school program focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( Through online collaborative learning, the program reaches a more diverse student body, engages students in global issues, and develops their global competence.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is currently accepting course proposals for the SJTU SDG July Camp 2023.


Course Requirements:

1. Course Content: Related to SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) (

2. Instructors: Teach in cooperation with overseas collaborators

3. Student composition: 1/3 SJTU students, 2/3 international students, forming intercultural and interdisciplinary 6-people discussion groups

4. Classroom organization form: Project-Based Learning (PBL), collaborative learning, group discussion, flipped classroom activities, and online/offline activities. Online group discussions should account for more than 40% of the time.

5. Teaching method: Online teaching or blended learning

6. Language of instruction: English

7. Course Platform: Feishu/Lark

8. Instructors are encouraged to host an SDG-related lecture or seminar for the entire student body at the SDG July Camp


Core Skills:

Students are encouraged to discuss, negotiate, argue, and reach compromises and consensus with peers from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines in an English context and develop professional skills such as:

1. Critical thinking and listening skills, understanding different opinions and points of view;

2. The ability to express personal views and ideas clearly and fully in English;

3. Active learning and deep learning skills on specific issues;

4. Leadership skills by proactively leading a group to conduct discussions, proposing solutions to problems, feasible solutions, and skills for action.


Project Timeline:

Deadline for Proposal Submission: October 21, 2022

Defense: End of October 2022

International Student Recruitment: November 2022

On-campus student recruitment: March 2023

Project implementation: June-July 2023


Applicant Requirements:

• Full-time faculty at SJTU who undertakes teaching work;

• Professional background related to the SDG field;

• Had at least two supervisors from overseas universities and/or transnational enterprises as project mentors/co-teachers, each from different continents; Priority is given to those who develop the course with collaborators that bring students from partner universities into the coursework.


Other considerations:

• Please specify the exact date and time of the course (it cannot be changed after the release of the course in November).

• For student-driven projects, instructors should meet student groups at least twice a week for 2 credit hours each; and provide an office hour at least once a week.


Funding Criteria:

The basic development cost of each course is 8,000 yuan, and other costs may apply according to specific enrollment situation. The total development cost of each course shall not exceed 30,000 yuan. The lecture fee of international collaborators is calculated according to the standards published by SJTU. The teaching assistant fee is 5,000 yuan per course, and the course leader can decide on the specific amount to be issued.


Application Materials:

• Attachment I: Course syllabus

• Attachment II: Application Form for New Course Openings (Public Elective Courses)

• Attachment III: Course Information Form (for promotion)


For the application document templates, please go to jbox to download: (extraction code: wjju)


Project Contact Person:

Wu Yanping


Project Briefing:

Meeting Time: 2022/10/09 12:30-14:30 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing

Click the link to join or add to the meeting list:

#Tencent Meeting: 776-774-468

Meeting password: 25481


If you have any questions, you can also join the Feishu/Lark "2023 SDG International Summer School - Teacher Group" discussion group in advance:


How to submit the application materials:

Please upload the three attachments of your application to the corresponding folder on jbox (link below) by October 21st, 2022. Thank you! (Extraction password: wjju)