International Business Acceleration Program

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neoBay Global Innovation &Entrepreneurship Community and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) are hosting the International Business Acceleration Program from May 11th to June 15th 2022. (Initial submission from March 29th to April 25th).



1.Students currently enrolled at a college/university located outside of China;

2. Students of an international program offered by a Chinese college/university which can award a degree outside of China;

3.  People who have graduated outside of China within the past 5 years (in or after 2017).

(There is no restriction on the projects' place of business or the applicants' nationality)



1.Interaction with business experts from neoBay or SJTU, and even around the world;

2.A series of online business acceleration programs which could improve the quality of your business plan;

3.Soft-land via neoBay’s ecosystem for further development;

4.Recommendation to high-level entrepreneurship competitions.




We are trying to help the entrepreneurial teams involved in Industry 4.0 or Sustainable Technology, including, but not limited to the following fields:

1. AI / Big Data / Deep learning;

2. Advanced manufacturing / Robotics;

3. Carbon-neutral technologies;

4. Intelligent healthcare;

5. Bio-agriculture;

6. Others favoring social & economic sustainable development.




Please scan the QR code below or click on:

1. Fill in the forms and follow the instructions with a brief description of your business proposal containing:

1)    Project:

-  Your core technologies / products / services;

-  Problems that you are addressing;

2)    Market:

-  Your target market / market-entry strategy

-  Analysis of competitors (SWOT), and superiority of your products / services

-  Business Model

3)    Development :

-  Milestones so far

-  Future plan and finance prospect

4)    Team:

-  Team / Organizational structure

-  A short bio of the CEO (or a representative) with contact details for correspondence.

The documents Power Point / PDF (Format: 16:9) are exclusively accepted.






1. Initial submission (March 29th– April 25th);

2. Initial screening (April 25th – April 29th)

3. Announcement to admitted teams (April 25th – May 11th)

4. Mentoring Pairing (April 25th – May 11th)

5.International Business Acceleration Program (May 11th – June 15th) – Events, Workshop, Mentoring.



To find out more about our partner institutions, please visit the following links.

Shanghai neoBay Venture Capital Co., Ltd.


Co-founded in 2015 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Land Group, and the People's Government of Minhang District, neoBay is committed to establishing a scientific innovation cluster in South Shanghai. Through talent and technology provided by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, industrial resources and capital offered by Shanghai Land Group, and coordination and policy by the local government, neoBay is devoted to forging a bridge connecting academia with industry and building an international ecosystem for resourcing, matchmaking and commercialization of new technologies around the world. By converging global resources and attracting startups across the globe, neoBay contributes to advancing Shanghai towards the leading hub of hi-tech innovation with global influence.


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International Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IEIE)


International Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IEIE) was co-founded in 2019 by the universities, the incubators, the accelerators and the science parks from the Eurasian countries. It is devoted to resourcing, matchmaking, co-accelerating and industrialization of new technologies of entrepreneurs and startups across the world. IEIE is a global, open, comprehensive and ever-growing ecosystem which supports not only the sustainable development of all the members but also the business growth of startups.


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