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2017 SJTU Foreign Faculty Culture Enrichment Event - Han Culture Tour

Last December, SJTU Global Affairs Office and USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) successfully co-organized a day trip for all SJTU foreign faculty to explore Shanghai local culture at Shanghai's cultural landmark-Shikumen. As a big gathering for them to enjoy a cultural feast and build tighter connection with each other, the event was well-received among the participants.  
SJTU Foreign Faculty Culture Enrichment Event is organized annually by SJTU Global Affairs Office and ICCI, aiming at building a harmonious campus community, strengthening friendship and enriching their life experience in China. Cultural experience is a key channel for foreign faculty to dive deep into the Chinese life community. And it is our sincere hope that foreign faculty can gain better understanding of Chinese culture and enjoy unique experience here through these activities. 
We now are pleased to announce that our 2017 SJTU Foreign Faculty Culture Enrichment Event- Han Culture Tour is coming soon! It will feature and focus more on Han culture exploration. Han Chinese are a notable ethnic group in China with long history and splendid cultural heritage, which has a deep imprint in Chinese identity. Han Chinese have played a major role in the development of arts, sciences, philosophy, and mathematics throughout the whole history. Han's cultural heritages such as Analects of Confucius, etiquette, dress tradition, dance and entertaining activities etc. still have a significant influence on our lives nowadays in many aspects.  
The event is scheduled to take place in Jiading district, a famous historic and cultural centre in Shanghai with the charm of an ancient town and beautiful natural scenery, retrospectively dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Being the birthplace of a dozen of UNESCOacknowledged intangible cultural heritages in the field of craftsmanship and folk arts, Jiading has much brilliant cultural inspiration to offer.  
The 2017 SJTU Foreign Faculty Culture Enrichment Event- Han Culture Tour will mainly consist of two parts - Jiading ancient town visit in the morning and Han Chinese cultural experience activities in the afternoon. During the day tour, our foreign faculty can expect wonderful performances of ancient Han dance and Han musical instrument, Hanfu (Han Chinese Clothes) fitting, Han etiquette learning, tea art, hand-made jade pendant workshop and many other exciting activities. We warmly invite all SJTU full-time foreign faculty to join the event and share the joy together!