【Shine】China-Russia Aerospace Joint Institute established in Shanghai

Date Posted:2018-02-27 09:48 Writer:Yang Meiping

Chinese and Russian students applaud during the unveiling ceremony of a China-Russia Aerospace Joint Institute set up by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Moscow Aviation Institute.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Moscow Aviation Institute unveiled a China-Russia Aerospace Joint Institute on Thursday to promote cooperation in education and research in aviation and aerospace.

The institute will admit its inaugural class of 60 undergraduate students next year, 30 from Russia and 30 from China, and they will spend the first two years in Shanghai and the final two years in Moscow, with all courses taught in English.

Cheng Jiaojie, Party chief of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Jiao Tong, said the Russian partner excelled in education of practical skills.

With the backdrop of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Sino-Russian cooperation in developing a wide-body jet, the two institutions have already launched a joint master’s program in aerospace in September with 29 Russian students and 23 Chinese students.

Lin Zhongqin, president of Jiao Tong, said aviation and aerospace is important for a country as a crucial sign to reflect its economic and social development level and the joint institute will make new contribution to development of the industry in both China and Russia.

“Both Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Moscow Aviation Institute have solid foundation in education and research in aviation and aerospace and have cultivated a lot of excellent talent for our own countries,” he said.


“Our cooperation will bridge a platform for young people from China and Russia to study together, communicate together, grow up together and make a contribution to the industry together.” 

Chinese and Russian students sing at the unveiling ceremony.