SJTU Overseas Visiting Scholars Program

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1.Eligible applicants 
The Visiting Scholars in the program refer to those who are full-time researchers affiliated with overseas universities or research institutions (including those in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and are currently employed at overseas universities.  If you intend to collaborate with members of SJTU faculty on your research, finding a host school or department or an existing partnership is essential. It will help you arrange your visiting plan and quickly adapt to your living and research here at SJTU. 

Visiting scholars are divided into two classes, 
a). Advanced visiting scholars:professors (or equivalent) at overseas universities or research institutions; 
b). Young visiting scholars:Associate professors (or equivalent) and assistant professors (or equivalent) at overseas universities or research institutions. 
For advanced visiting scholars, stay for no less than 1 month and no more than 1 year consecutively. For young visiting scholars, stay for no less than 3 months and no more than 1 year consecutively. 
a) Teach courses, set up courses in English independently or together with SJTU teachers are both welcome; 
b) Promote substantial cooperation including student exchanges, collaborations between labs, etc. 
c) Co-publish papers, and list SJTU in the first order and credit this program for the grants in the acknowledgement; 
d) Joint-supervise postgraduate students; 
e) Co-apply for high-profile international research programs; 
f) Contribute to capacity-building of SJTU faculty(e.g. equivalent visiting scholar programs). 
4. Stipend 
a)Accommodation and living expenses. Professors (or equivalent):pre-tax RMB 35,000 per month Associate professors (or equivalent):pre-tax RMB 25,000 per month Assistant professors (or equivalent):pre-tax RMB 20,000 per month 
b)Travel expenses: SJTU will provide a round-trip economy class ticket (reimbursed to the actual expenses), limited to a maximum amount of RMB 10,000 for Asian countries and regions and RMB 15,000 for other countries.  
For any further details, please contact Foreign Experts Office. 

Work permit in China
Scholars from around the world are welcome to visit and work in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We provide services for overseas scholars to apply for Chinese Visa, Foreign Expert’s Certificate and/or Foreigner’s Work Permit. Intending overseas scholars are kindly reminded to contact in advance with staff in school/department concerned for assistance in submitting their Chinese Visa application to SJTU Service Center For Exit-Entry Administration.

Overseas scholars are also welcome to work in SJTU on a long-term basis. In such case, please contact staff in school/department concerned at least two months in advance to prepare for a list of documents needed for Foreign Expert’s Certificate and Foreigner’s Work Permit application. Please be advised that a physical examination in China is required and the appointment can be made on the website of Shanghai International Travel Healthcare/Medical Center. School/department staff concerned should submit necessary application documents on the applicant’s behalf to the SJTU Service Center For Exit-Entry Administration at least one month prior to the his arrival in China,.



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